Plenary Highlights

Plenary Highlights

Keynote talks and transdisciplinary conversations from diverse geographies and points of view. The plenary sessions at TNOC Festival 2022 push boundaries to radically imagine our cities for the future.


Anacláudia Rossbach
City: São Paulo
Topic: Cidades, palco para transformacão global // Cities, the stage for global transformation
Dialogue - Nature for All: Uprooting Structural Inequity
Keynote - Julian Agyemen
City: Boston
Topic: Just Sustainabilities in Policy, Planning and Practice
Keynote - P.K. Das
City: Mumbai
Architect & Activist
Plenary Art: Roda de Força by VJ Suave
Plenary Art: WE ARE, OUR NATURE by Maria Mariano
Dialogue - Finance and Entrepreneurship in Urban Green
Dialogue - Beyond Dystopias: Can fiction help shape the urban imaginary for a better future?
Keynote - Marina Ruta
City: Geneva
Topic: BiodiverCities by 2030 World Economic Forum
Keynote - Stefano Boeri
City: Milan
Plenary Art: What is Solarpunk by Saint Andrew
Plenary Art: Percepción Nº2 by Guido Bressan
Dialogue - It's in the game? Gaming and simulations that engage people about urban natures
Presenters: Ekim Tan, Paul Mahoney, Amanda Phillips de Lucas
Moderator: Liza Paqueo
Keynote - Jala Makhzoumi
City: London
Landscape Architect
Keynote - Nándor Tanczos
City: Whakatanei
Topic: PERMING THE COUNCIL - Attempting to apply permaculture whole systems thinking to a local council district in Aotearoa New Zealand
Keynote - Xuemei Bai
City: Canberra
Topic: Urban science and policy for global sustainability
Plenary Art: A River in Eden by Susanna Battin
Plenary Art: Pista de Baile Campo Risso by Proyecto Intemperie

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Keynote - Weiqi Zhou
City: Beijing
Topic: Urban trees for climate change mitigation and adaptation in cities
Dialogue - Toward a New Normal: Enabling Change Led by Youth
Keynote - Eric Sanderson
City: New York
Keynote - Mary Rowe
City: Toronto
Topic: Investing the Covid dividend for resilient cities
Plenary Art: Hold Sacred by WindSync and Akshaya Avril Tucker
Plenary Art: Somatic Spaces | Act I by Isabel Rodriguez Ramos
Dialogue - What are the knowledge gaps that limit conversations between urban planners, urban designers and ecologists? How we fill them? Is it even about knowledge?
Dialogue - How can artists and scientist co-create innovation to sustain and regenerate local ecosystems?
Keynote - Hannah Simmonds & Erin Green
City: Whakatanei
Topic: Healthy, resilient children and communities in Aotearoa NZ through transformed outdoor spaces
Keynote - Robin Lasser
City: San José
Topic: Breathing Fire / Dress Tents / Migratory Cultures: Deep listening, collaboration, community engagement and radical imagination + awareness and awesome public art for resilient cities
Plenary Art: Aquapolis 2100: by artist collective /rive (Laura Chipley, Samara Smith and A.E. Souzis)
Dialogue - It's Messy? Rewilding as a design concept for better cities for nature and all people
Presenters: Nina Marie Lister, Wolfgang Weisser, Karine Schultz
Dialogue - EqualiTREE? Trees are not equitably dispersed in cities. How would we make it so?
Presenters: Kelly Herzog, Vivek Shandas, Raed Mansour
Moderator: Jacob Koch
Keynote - Mary Perpetua Kwakuyi
City: Ghana
Topic: Mitigating the effects of urbanization and sustaining the ecosystem
Keynote - Thomas Delage
City: France
Topic: French Agency for Biodiversity
Plenary Art: Metropolis of Eden by Sparkbird (Stephan Nance)

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Keynote - Ana María Duran
City: Quito
Topic: Amazonian Highways: From Pathways of Destruction to Channels for Forest Resurgence, Cultural Revitalization, and Community-based Economies of Life
Dialogue - Cities in the Amazon Region: what are their status, challenges, and prospects?
Presenters: Belen Desmaison, Gustavo Duran, Tatiana Schor
Moderator: Juan Guhi
Keynote - Martha Fajardo
City: Bogotá
Topic: LALI: Breaking down siloes with many voices in Latin America
Plenary Art: Paysages Passages by Antinea Jimena
Keynote - Bjorn Low
City: Singapore
Topic: The emergence of a new agriculture paradigm
Keynote - Jeanne D'Arc Mujawamariya
City: Rwanda
Minister for the Environment
Keynote - Peepal Baba
City: Delhi
Topic: Sacred trees as a tool for community engagement
Plenary Art: Union of Trades by Jaime Jackson
Dialogue - What innovative roles can the metropolis play in promoting cultural and natural heritage?
Keynote - Jo Barton
City: Essex
Topic: Why nature in cities is important for health
Plenary Art: Flor subita by María José Pérez and Castro Pérez
Plenary Art: Record for Flavor of Floating Life by Eun Sun Heo

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