Art and Documentaries

Art and Documentaries

The Forum for Radical Imagination on Environmental Cultures (FRIEC) presents artworks and documentaries from more than a dozen countries at TNOC Festival 2022. These artists offer unique viewpoints, considering ways in which humans and our cities are woven together with the rest of nature.

Art Happenings

Plenary Art: Roda de Força by VJ Suave
Plenary Art: WE ARE, OUR NATURE by Maria Mariano
Plenary Art: Hold Sacred by WindSync and Akshaya Avril Tucker
Plenary Art: Somatic Spaces | Act I by Isabel Rodriguez Ramos
Plenary Art: Paysages Passages by Antinea Jimena
Plenary Art: Move Freely by Lo Fi Dance Theory
Plenary Art: What is Solarpunk by Saint Andrew
Plenary Art: Aquapolis 2100: by artist collective /rive (Laura Chipley, Samara Smith and A.E. Souzis)
Plenary Art: Union of Trades by Jaime Jackson
Plenary Art: Record for Flavor of Floating Life by Eun Sun Heo
Plenary Art: Time of Strolls by Zekiye Bugurcu
Plenary Art: Metropolis of Eden by Sparkbird (Stephan Nance)
Plenary Art: Flor subita by María José Pérez and Castro Pérez
Plenary Art: La Ofrenda del Arte by Paola Gómez Caicedo and César López
Plenary Art: Early in the Morning by Leuz Diwane G

Short Documentaries

Documentary - Silenced realities by ALDA - European Association for Local Democracy
Documentary - La Terra del Padre by Giancarlos Stellini
Documentary - Itree Eco - La Huella Ecologica de los Bosque Urbanos by Mirel Volcan and USFS International
Documentary - E'Plazini: A Place to Call Home for Waste Collectors by Mpumelelo Buthelezi
Documentary - Making of a Nature Park by Rod Coldes, Friends of the Tualatin Hills Nature Park
Documentary - Horror Vacui by J.M. Adams and Matthew Donovan
Documentary - Sense Maker: A Narrative Tool For Community Water Resilience in Cape Town by Johan Enqvist, Gina Ziervogel, Odendaal Esterhuyse
Documentary - A Natureza Invade a Cidade by VJ Suave
Documentary - America Pastime: Field Guide to Urban Landscapes by Paul Druecke
Documentary - 待合所 -木津川ア / Waiting Place by Masahiro Kawanaka
Documentary - The Keepers of our Cities by Indian Institute for Human Settlements
Documentary - Sa Pagitani: Mekong River by Ralph C. Lumbres
Documentary - Urbana / Urban Biodiversity by Danica Lacarac, Milja Vulkovic, Milan Ruzic, Danica Cimbal
Documentary - Mine Waste by Tebogo Moche
Documentary - Videos from Los Angeles by Nina Sarnelle
Documentary - Life on the Edge: An Urban Estuary at its Tipping Point by Rebecca Pryor, The Guardians of Flushing Bay, Inc.
Documentary - Spaces of Adaptation by Raphael Schanz, Lea Morelli, Ricardo Silva
Documentary - How to Bring Greenery in the Middle of the Sea? With Floating Flowers! by Anna Pellizzaro
Documentary - Effect.Collateral. Obvious - Eco by Sofia Alexandra Figueiredo, Laura Frederico, Nuno Barroca, Aboo Gani
Documentary - Water, Resilience and Territory, The Exemple of Life Beware by ALDA - European Association for Local Democracy
Documentary - Art for Resilient Communities: Stories From Sulu-an & Dingalan by by Salikhain Kolektib
Documentary - +Aqua-lastic by ANa Pinheira, Laboratorio da Paisagem de Guimaraes
Documentary - Environmental Degradation, Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss Through the Lenses of Artists by Stefania Romano with Rohan Chakravarty, Mbongeni Buthelezi, Sandrine Estrade-Boulet, David Zinn, Jason de Caires Taylor, Alonso Delgadillo, Jenny Kendler
Documentary - Frick Environmental Center by Tim Beatley, Biophilic Cities
Documentary - Nuestra Herencia: A Senior Legacy Film by On the Real Film and El Paseo Community Garden
Documentary - Youth-Led Place Making by Ronan Apaapa & Seth Hands, Youth of Kopeopeo
Documentary - Process of ... by Han Yun Liang and Tsubasa Hirose
Documentary - Mapping Evictions and Community Resistance by The Parc-Extension Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

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