Session Submission Guidance

Use the Google Translate feature on this page to read in various languages. Unfortunately, the actual submission portal is in English (sorry), but at the bottom of this document you can see the questions you will be asked—use Google Translate.


Length: 90 min
Platform: Zoom meeting (includes breakouts)

Smaller sized workshops on ideas and actions of all kinds. Conversation among diverse points of view united by a green perspective. They consist of mixed-discipline groups who gather to talk about how they can contribute to making more resilient, sustainable, just and livable cities and how different parts of the world can benefit.

Seed Sessions can start with short scene-setting talks — perhaps several examples of a similar idea — followed by facilitated discussion towards an output designed by the session organizers. These sessions are not intended to be panels of speaker presentations, but interactive where groups think, imagine, create, and act. You can propose seed sessions that are about projects or ideas, that are about actions in specific cities, or sessions that you hope will be “sticky” and form into groups that will last beyond the festival. Think about what you will do in the session that will engage diverse people.

Seed Sessions can be focused on any geographic region or city, and you can propose them in any language (although translation will not be provided, so it will stay in the original language; unless you can help pay for it). This may be especially appropriate for sessions concentrating on specific regions. 

There will be concurrent Seed Session clusters (immediately following plenary session) in four global time periods every day: 04:00 GMT; 10:00 GMT; 16:00 GMT; 22:00 GMT—yours would be scheduled at a time that makes sense for your time zone.

Think about what outcomes could flow from your seed session. Examples outputs could be: 

  • A TNOC-style roundtable published at The Nature of Cities 
  • A proposal for a project or work
  • A publication
  • A social media campaign or exploring ways to change hearts and minds
  • A drawing or design to solve an urban problem
  • A multidisciplinary text or song
  • A new skill, tool, or technique
  • Wherever your inspiration takes you


Length: 45 minutes
Format: Video (mp4 file)
Platform: Zoom

Take festival participants on a journey through a part of your city you want to show, discuss, and share with the world. Field trip themes and content ideas can include but are not limited to; nature in cities, culture or infrastructure, communities, arts and design, rural-urban connections, etc. You can propose a walk on any theme in any aspect of TNOC Festival’s broad vision of cities. Tell participants a story. Lead a walking workshop. Share a journey.

How will it work? 

  1. Once your proposal is accepted, you will prepare your virtual walk. Field trip sessions are 45 minutes, maximum.
  2. Walk the route exactly as you would in a live trip, making a video with a camera or your phone. (We’ll send technical guidelines later.) Hold your camera steady and walk normally; capture in video the things that are interesting to see and what you want to talk about. Do not narrate the trip, but ambient sounds are fine.
  3. Create an mp4 file of the video and submit it to us for review. It should be about 30 minutes so you can pause it at points of interest to leave plenty of time for discussion.
  4. At your scheduled time for the trip, your participants will gather in a Zoom meeting, and you will play your mp4 file from your computer while narrating the trip. You can pause the video along the route to respond to questions from the audience


Length: 2 minutes
Format: Video (mp4 file)
Platform: Vimeo Gallery

Microtalks are everyone’s opportunity to share their work, ideas, and passions with everyone else at the festival. What do you do? What are you passionate about? Do you have an interesting idea to share? A research project? A Microtalk is a brief 2 minute video clip of one speaker addressing a subject, point, or idea as it pertains to TNOC Festival’s broad vision of cities. Microtalks can be submitted in any language—transcripts must be submitted alongside video talks to allow for translation. These video clips will be curated into a gallery and freely open for all festivalgoers to search and view. Microtalks will also be linked to each individual attendee portfolio on the TNOC Festival platform. 

How will it work? 

  1. Once your proposal is accepted, prepare your talk: Create a two-minute presentation about your chosen topic / idea.
  2. Create a two-minute video of yourself giving the talk.
  3. Prepare a mp4 file or export an mp4 from a power point.
  4. Also provide us a written transcript to allow for translation.
  5. Send us the video file and transcript — we will do the rest.

The questions you’ll be asked in the Submission form

What type of session are you proposing? (Seed Session, Field Trip, Microtalk)

Title of session

If your session will not be in English: title of your session / trip / talk in the language you intend it to be


Session Type

Track (geographic region)


What do you hope to accomplish during your session? What is a key goal or outcome for your session?

What is the language in which you want to conduct your session / trip / talk?

What do you hope to accomplish during your session? What is a key goal or outcome for your session?

A few words about why your session is important?

How do you think you might extend the value of your session beyond the Festival?

Who is your intended audience? Or, what kind of people would you like to have attend?

If you are proposing a seed session or field trip, what is your ideal number of participants?

If you are proposing a seed session or field trip, what is your maximum number of participants?

If you are proposing a Seed Session, what are the activities that will ensure that it is interactive and/or collaborative?

Offer three keywords, separated by semi-colons, that would help categorize your session / trip / talk

What is your working time zone?

Scheduling: In your time zone, would you want your session to be in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

What is your preferred day to host your session? (Skip if you don’t have a preference)

What is your second preference? (Skip if you don’t have a preference)

Which of TNOC’s four pillars does your session / trip / microtalk secondarily align?